Triple money-back guarantee


Most, but not all qualified students can expect a triple money-back guarantee related to their progress for these 3 stages:

Stage 1. In 2-8 weeks, medication and symptoms reduced by half

For most conditions and most students, in 2-8 weeks:
– You will need to reduce the dosage of your main medications by at least two times (including hormonal drugs) in comparison with the initial dose (when you started the NormalBreathing course) or in comparison with your initial state. If you continue to take the same doses, you can experience symptoms related to drug overdose. Thus, you will need to cooperate with your MD, GP or another healthcare provider.
– Your lab results will be about half the distance closer to the medical norm. In other words, your current deviations from normal values will be reduced by half. (This is not applicable for some tests, such as lung function test for people with emphysema, or a size of cancer tumors, etc.)
– You will have at least half the symptoms related to low energy, fatigue, insomnia, and pain.

Stage 2. Stable progress

If you follow the course and practice as required, then, every 2 following months, you will have improvements in your symptoms and lab test results until you achieve normal parameters. If not, you will get a refund.

Stage 3. Complete remission (cure)

Majority of terminal patients with various chronic diseases, as well as people with “incurable” lifestyle conditions, are able to reverse all their symptoms, achieve complete clinical remission and have normal results for their blood tests, X-rays, and other tests used to diagnose/monitor their specific conditions.

Thus, in the period from 6 months to 5 years, you will have a complete clinical remission of your symptoms and normal results for your blood tests, X-rays, scans, and other medical exams.