Common questions

Q: Can I take an ordinary Buteyko live course with a Buteyko breathing practitioner and then follow the NormalBreathing course?
A: You can take an ordinary Buteyko breathing course and possibly achieve up to 20-25 seconds for your morning CP: this is currently the typical final or long-term result for over 90% of students.
Imagine that you decided to become a great violin or piano player, or you want to become an Olympic Champion, or a great scientist in a certain area (biology, physics, etc.). Assume that, for your first teacher, you selected an average teacher who provided you standard lessons. You will surely gain some knowledge. However, you will very unlikely achieve your main goal. Why?
Together with this course, you will get certain basics related to your long-term success (or vision of your future). As a result, after learning from your first (average) teacher, your chances of being an outstanding violin player, or an Olympic athlete, or a great scientist will be reduced probably about 10-100 times.
Therefore, the main effect of this (mediocre) Buteyko course and your learning will hamper your future success probably forever.

The current teaching of the Buteyko method is geared to reducing medication for people with asthma and treatment of some other simple conditions that require about 20-25 seconds for the morning CP. Therefore, many tools of the original Buteyko technique are not used, and the mindset of the student gets damaged by having inferior long-term goals.

Q: What are expected extra expenses for this course?
A: For some people, the main additional expenses will relate to dental work:
– 100-2,000 USD for fixing all your cavities (caries or bacterial infections that are present in teeth)
– 200 or more USD for replacing or removal of some root canal (we’ll run special tests in order to evaluate effects of your existing root canals in your systemic health)

Apart from dental work, there will be about 100-500 USD spent on some devices and supplements.

In 15 years of Dr. Artour’s teaching, the most expensive required investment related to a student with end-stage COPD. He had to either replace carpeting in his bedroom and block central air conditioning in his apartment or find another housing option.