Requirements for being accepted to learn this course

Here are some requirements (most challenging ones):

– Be able to exercise and start with at least 60 min of walking per day (later, in some days or weeks, you will exercise more, eventually up to 3-4 hours per day when you have a lot of energy)
– Be able to practice meditation-type breathing exercises and breathing exercises with breathing devices for 90-120 min per day (later, in some weeks or months when most of your symptoms disappear, you will practice less, down to 0-60 min of formal breathwork per day)
– Make radical changes in your current diet
– Make lifestyle changes related to your sleep, emotional life, posture, thermoregulation, health therapies that you use now, and so forth (note that your currently-used health therapies and techniques will be evaluated and could be discontinued or adjusted to your new health plan)
– Create conditions (living environment, air quality, levels of EMFs, food availability, etc.) in which you are not exposed to triggers of your allergies or other environmentally harmful effects
–┬áPossibly extract/redo your root canals and likely replace your mercury amalgams with safer fillings
– Implement all these and other required lifestyle changes in your life and keep all details in the daily log
– Provide two references (not from relatives) with details (phone numbers and addresses) of people who can testify that you are a real person who was indeed diagnosed with certain health conditions
– If you are not paying for this course yourself, please inform Dr. Artour about this fact because such students require a special discussion about sources of their motivation
– Every week, provide a detailed report about all steps and actions suggested to you during the previous class
– If you are not able to follow the plan on a certain day in relation to any factor or activity that was discussed, you will need to immediately notify Dr. Artour by email about your limitations (it is therefore a double mistake not to follow your plan and then, in addition, not to inform your teacher about your failure or inability to adhere to the program)
– Provide three short video testimonials (the first one before the course, the second one after you achieve 30+ and the last testimonial when you get 60+ seconds for your morning CP) about changes in your symptoms and results of lab tests
– For an adult, involve your spouse (or primary caretaker) in following the same program so that you both can make similar or the same changes in your lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.
– For a child sick with serious health problems, we need to involve both parents first (or caretakers) and then apply the specially-designed customized program for the child.

I agree with all requiremets*

The full list of requirements will be provided to a student after analysis of his or her personal details.

How to apply for this course

You can send your personal request to be accepted for this course from this page.

Here is how. Read all requirements above, click “SUBMIT”, and you will be automatically redirected to the page where you can apply for this online Skype course by Dr. Artour Rakhimov.