Assistants (Writers, Editors) in Alternative Health Wanted

Jobs: Employment Opportunities to Join the NormalBreathing Team

We are currently looking for assistants to work on various NormalBreathing projects. In order to be accepted, a candidate needs to successfully complete the same course that is offered on this site and slow down their automatic breathing to the norm and achieve at least 60 seconds for the body oxygen test (the Control Pause) 24/7, as it is the goal for people with health conditions. Note. At this moment (November 2017), we consider applications only from people who can qualify as a “Prime Candidate” or “Nearly Prime Candidate“. See details below.

Details of 2- or 3-month training (internship)

In order to work with the NormalBreathing team, you need to experience real health. Then you will get the job and will be able write about health. Hence, your main goal during the internship (2-3 months) is to slow down and relax your automatic breathing, muscles, and mind so that you achieve normal breathing and have over 60 s for the body oxygen test 24/7. This is your physical health challenge. During the whole internship, you will be paid hourly for your work (the location/conditions are to be discussed, all transportation expenses are paid both ways), while working for 15-20 hours per week plus having 1-2 hours of training per day (related to your online work and breathing retraining). Your income will cover your housing and meals. Payment details and issues related to work permits are discussed here: payments for NormalBreathing trainees and assistants. The paid work will be simple (editing, writing, video creation, etc.). The intention and primary goal of this training is to teach you extra skills (1-2 hours per day). There will be 2 types of lessons during this extra time:

– teaching basics of SEO, creation of web pages, video making, and other online skills

– lessons related to your physical health in order to achieve over 60 seconds for your body oxygenation.

Minimum salary (after training): 16 euro/hour or 18 USD/hour with minimum 4 hours per day and 6-month minimum contract.

How to apply for this job

To test your ability to be accurate and pay attention to details, we ask you to send us in your letter the following details:
– The URL of this post
– Your CV and GCSE or equivalent details with grades for your secondary education and college/university
– Results for your English tests (if you have any) if you are not a native speaker
– Your current amount and type (intensity) of daily physical activity
– Indication that you have an intention/desire to learn the method (making lifestyle changes, practicing breathing exercises and up to 2 hours of physical exercise every day during training)
– Your ability to relocate (not a necessary requirement but increases your chances).

Prime and Nearly Prime Candidates

If you:
– are personally mature: indifferent to pubs, clubs, bars, drinking parties, alcohol, drugs, sex outside marriage, smoking, gambling, shopping, jewelry, body decorations, etc. in relation to your practical lifestyle
– are a native English speaker
– have over 90% for all school grades (or Honors, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude, or “A”s only, or over 3.7 GPA, etc.)
– do over 60 min of daily physical exercise every day
– able to follow simple instructions while paying attention to all details of any project or job (including what/how you write to us and your grammar skills)
– have more than 60 s for the body oxygen test in the morning indicating breathing no more than the medical norm and having excellent physical health or are willing to work towards getting easy normal breathing with 60 s CP during the internship by practicing breathwork and physical exercise with other lifestyle changes
then write “Prime Candidate” in the subject line of your application letter. If only one quality is missing (you have over 80% for all school grades, or have less exercise, or have minor maturity problems), please write “Nearly Prime Candidate” in the subject line of your letter. You can find extra details about these employment opportunities on our main site Startup NormalBreathing Jobs: Internship writers, editors, and assistants.

Prime and Nearly Prime Candidates can email their applications directly to Dr. Artour: “artour_rakhimov” followed by “@” and then by “”. Another email address to use is “artour”  followed by “@” and then by “”.

If you are a Prime or Nearly Prime Candidate, you will certainly be replied.